Bwwlistens – Win $5 Off Coupon – Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

Bwwlistens – The Buffalo wild wings is a renowned food chain. It has been popular among people and also has great reviews by the customers.

Bwwlistens - Win $5 Off Coupon - Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

Bwwlistens – Win $5 Off Coupon – Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

The survey which is conducted by the bww listens is primarily to heighten and cultivate the best services and foods to the customers.

What is the reason for the survey?

The survey is conducted to know about the present scenario of the company according to the customers.

The customers are the main guests and they’re both negative and positive responses by the buyers, but this response is a reason to grow and expand.

A set of questions with their prior experience with the store has to be noted down in the survey report and wait for what in return for completing the survey?

The participant will receive a redeemable coupon card, only with the validation of the registered receipt beginning 14 days ago. To participate and earn exciting rewards and prizes visit the official URL link

Survey rules and requirements

Before just participating in the survey you have a set of rules and requirements to be followed to win thrilling rewards just being a part of sweepstakes.

  • The foremost rule to participate is that you must be a legal citizen of the US.
  • The validity and according to the process, one participant one invitation or receipt.
  • Just to enter yourself into the sweepstake competition and to continue with the process you must have a receipt from any of the general’s buffalo wild wings receipts.
  • To participate online you must require a good internet connection and a laptop.

Bwwlistens - Win $5 Off Coupon - Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

Eligibility and criteria

The guidelines that have to be kept in mind –

  • The participant participating in the competition must be legally 18/years or more.
  • Preferably the candidate participating must have prior knowledge of English so to be an eligible participant.
  • The gift card can be used for future investment but cannot use transferred or used as cash.
  • The immediate or any member associated with buffalo wild wings is not eligible to participate in the survey.

How to take the survey?

  • Visit or click the official URL – to participate and win exciting prizes.
  • According to the criteria and guide book enter the 16 digit code as given in the receipt without using any space in between the numbers.
  • Once you’re done with this click on the continue button given below on your screen.
  • There appears a set of questions related to your last experience in the store read them carefully and answer accordingly.
  • There is a set of questions related to the last visit to buffalo wild wings. The participant has the right to answer and share reviews accordingly.
  • The next interesting aspect of the survey is that you can rate your overall experience at the buffalo wild wings.
  • And the set of questions all has questions related to their service, cleanliness, food quality, etc.
  • We appreciate customers taking part in the survey and promoting honest reviews regarding their experience at buffalo wild wings. These reviews and feedback will help the company grow and also learn from the previous experiences of the customers.
  • Once the participant has completed answering all the questions of the questionnaire can provide the company with their details, name, age, and most importantly email id to get necessary notifications.
  • Now, click on the submit button below and earn a coupon for your future use.

Bwwlistens - Win $5 Off Coupon - Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

Prizes and rewards

The survey has magic in it, once you complete and submit this form you get a gift card, and what is more interesting than this?

  • Once you complete and submit the entire survey you win a $5 gift card that you can redeem at your next visit to Buffalo wild wings.

About Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

The fast-food restaurant chain begins the menu list from wings. Wings of buffalo wild wings are famous and popular among people.

They have scrumptious wings with great seasoning and sauces along with salads, burgers, etc.

With a name around and also offering some great delicacy to the customers they have a great way as they provided not only dining but also carrying out.

A perfect trio friend group came up with buffalo wild wings back in 1982. Sports bar ambiance and sports live events at the cafe with a range of beer is such a great cafe.

The cafe has always been in name and has expanded in 50 US states along with will expansion in various other countries.

Bwwlistens - Win $5 Off Coupon - Buffalo Wild Wings Survey


The main motto behind the blisters survey is to promote customer satisfaction and also to upgrow among the employees.

The company welcomes both positive and negative feedback to refine and develop.

And the intriguing thing about the survey is a gift card of $5 once you finish the survey.

Go participate


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